Annotate your CopperEgg charts with GitHub service-hooks!

The team at GitHub has made it incredibly easy to integrate code change notifications with … well, pretty much anything! CopperEgg is excited to announce that GitHub has just accepted and published the CopperEgg github-services hooks.

What does it do?

Each time you push code changes to one of your GitHub repositories with CopperEgg service integration, a new annotation will appear on your CopperEgg charts. The annotation will also be listed on the Annotations page.

What is the benefit?

When the unexpected happens to your online service, you need instant access to as much relevant information about your service, applications and infrastructure as possible… ideally from the same ‘pane of glass’. Some of the first questions that will pop into your mind will be ‘what versions of code are running’, and have there been recent code changes.’ With CopperEgg github service-hooks enabled, you can answer those questions in seconds, by either glancing down at the annotations in your charts, or quickly scanning the annotations log, all without leaving your CopperEgg UI.

How Do I enable CopperEgg – GitHub integration?

The remainder of this blog will walk you through enabling the github annotations. You will of course need to have a CopperEgg account. If you haven’t signed-up yet, you can sign up for a free, unlimited 14-day trial here:
Step 1.
Sign-in to your CopperEgg account and navigate to the Settings tab. At the bottom of the page, you will find your User API Key. Copy this key to your clipboard. CopperEgg Settings Tab
Step 2.
Sign-in to your GitHub account, and navigate to the relevant repository. Now click on Admin.
Step 3.
In the GitHub Admin page for your repository, click on Service Hooks. CopperEgg Service Hooks
Step 4.
On the Service Hooks page, click on CopperEgg. Service Hooks Detail
Step 5.
On the CopperEgg service hooks page:
  • Paste your CopperEgg API key into the Api Key field.
  • Optionally, type in a Tag which will be included in every annotation from this repo.
  • Optionally, click the Master Only box. If you select this box, annotations will only appear for pushes to your master branch.
  • Leave the Url field blank. This field is being deprecated.
  • Click on the Active box to enable annotations for pushes to this repository.
  • Finally, click on Update Setting.
Service Hooks Update That’s it! Your GitHub push notifications will immediately begin appearing in your CopperEgg UI. If you want to temporarily disable annotations from this repo in the future, simply un-check the Active box. If you have any problems using the CopperEgg github service-hooks integration, please let us know ASAP! Many thanks to the folks at for their excellent tools. At CopperEgg, all of our production code is managed using GitHub. And as many of you know, we are building up a set of open source tools for and in collaboration with our customers. Check out our repository at:

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