Apache Monitoring

Understanding the performance of your Apache webserver is a critical piece of total application and system monitoring. In conjunction with your servers and websites, other application services, like databases and webservers, all need to be up, available, and healthy to ensure a positive user experience.

CopperEgg custom metrics, Custom Metrics, gives you the out of the box capability to improve webserver performance with Apache monitoring. These instances can be cloud based, hosted, hybrid, virtual, or physical.

CopperEgg Apache Monitoring brings all of your systems back into one view for all of your servers, websites, and app services.

The CopperEgg Ruby Gem is pre-configured to monitor over a dozen Apache metrics and includes these popular metrics out of the box:

• Requests per second
• Bytes per second
• Bytes per request
• Idle/Busy workers
• CPU load

The Gem not only pulls the data for you, but also sets up a custom Apache monitoring dashboard in your CopperEgg UI. The Gem is open and configurable to add other performance metrics and counters.
The CopperEgg custom dashboard allows you to add any other metrics you may need, including already collected server and website metrics.

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