The CopperEgg real-time architecture has used an API to communicate between the various layers of the application from its inception. We use our own API to communicate from the browser based UI we have designed, back into our hosted SaaS application. We have opened our API access to our users. You can now access it too!

The CopperEgg API allows you to integrate your operations directly into CopperEgg. This helps you create closed loop processes with your internal operations.

We offer a full set of API documentation along with sample code. We make it easy for you to do any of the following types of operations:

API Usage Examples:

  • Create annotations to record configurations changes, so you can easily see these config changes within your graphical performance timelines and history.
  • Extract performance sample data for offline analysis. Extract data to look for trends, or build tables for in-depth analysis.
  • Create or edit alerts. Dynamically create or edit alerts as your business changes and grows.
  • Get issue details. Automatically fetch details about an issue to use in other automation processes for problem determination and rapid resolution.
  • Create website monitoring probes. As you spin up servers, automatically create corresponding website or web service probes to monitor uptime, response time and health. Auto-tag them to automatically create the correlated server—website detail views available in the CopperEgg UI.
  • A new API Cheat Sheet is available now!

Get full API documentation and sample code here.

Looking for CopperEgg API integration help? Search for developers to write scripts for CopperEgg custom metrics.


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