Maximize visibility and minimize complexity of public cloud infrastructure. Monitor AWS EC2 instances in real-time.

Troubleshoot issues across cloud systems, websites and applications in one unified view with real-time cloud monitoring.

CopperEgg AWS Edition provides additional resources and features only for AWS users. Verified AWS users can monitor up to 10 Pro Servers on select plans, free!


EC2 Instance Monitoring

Gain performance insight into the details of individual components of CPU utilization, including CPU steal and I/O wait. Ability to alert and track Disk IO, memory stats, processes, swap activity, and more.

Real User Monitoring

Ensure quality of service in the cloud by analyzing real user experience and infrastructure behavior. Pinpoint problem areas and alert to potential issues in just two clicks or less.

Process Monitoring

Easily identify a process that has consumed too much memory or CPU, discover if an issue arises by 2 or more processes or jobs running simultaneously, and gain visibility into multiple CPUs.

Cloud Sizing Tool

Right-size your AWS environment with the CopperEgg Cloud Sizing Tool. Run report on actual system usage and receive optimal instance type suggestions.

CopperEgg has given us an easy central dashboard showing the status of all of our servers. It is by far the easiest central monitoring solution we’ve tried. Creating external probes to monitor our services and website from offsite locations has been simple to do, and the alerts we’re able to set up are great.

CBT Nuggets

Copperegg has allowed us to develop a better understanding of memory usage on our servers. In turn, this knowledge has helped us to resolve production issues much faster, and that means we can deliver a better experience to our customers.

CTO / Famigo

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