Certain trends will emerge with increased cloud adoption

As cloud performance, scalability and efficiency benefits become more widely understood in the private sector, several trends will begin to emerge as more companies adopt cloud computing technology. Mobile cloud computing, for example, will become an important part of a company's IT strategy, according to a CloudTweaks report. Decision-makers will continue to deploy mobile strategies, including bring-your-own-device programs, and, as a result, virtual cloud computing environments that can be accessed through portable electronics will grow in importance. Since mobile gadgets can easily be corrupted, lost or stolen, it will be imperative for organizations to adopt cloud storage solutions that will prevent mission-critical data and applications from being compromised, the news source reported. According to a study by Visiongain, the mobile cloud computing market will be one of the fastest growing segments in the cloud market and will generate more than $45 billion in revenue by 2016. The report also noted that nearly all users will have the ability to access personal and corporate resources on a single device by 2014, improving employee productivity and efficiency. Advancements in cloud computing will also push data centers to implement the technology. As more companies adopt public or hybrid hosted environments, new models and services will be offered and the majority of data centers will likely have at least one cloud-based solution, CloudTweaks reported. A recent study by CDW found that the cloud and other sustainable technologies are becoming more integral parts of data center initiatives. Sixty-two percent of survey respondents agreed that the cloud offers energy-efficient data center consolidation capabilities, an increase from 47 percent in 2010. "While cloud computing is a market basket of discrete technologies and services, it is entirely about IT efficiency and, as a strategy, it can deliver significant energy savings that will complement other solutions within the data center," CDW vice president of systems solutions Norm Lillis said. There is no doubt that cloud scalability and performance capabilities will be found useful in a variety of ways as the technology matures. RevealCloud is a SaaS-based real-time server monitoring service from CopperEgg Corporation.  Featuring easy installation, customizable alerts, high-resolution drilldown and multi-user support, RevealCloud 3.0 is a comprehensive, real-time monitoring solution for today’s dynamic, hybrid IT environments -- physical or virtual -- that span the cloud, data center, and hosted environments.

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