Choosing a cloud provider

Last week, we mentioned the various cloud solutions currently available and questioned which would be best for your specific business. In reference to Eric Geier’s recent article in PC world, it is essential to understand the term “cloud” and the plethora of applications and services that it applies to. Most usually think of “cloud” by meaning the public cloud in general, and we begin to tread into more murkiness when the term “cloud computing” is thrown around. I have noticed that people seem to get up in arms about using the term correctly if it does not represent their preconceived definition. But with so many definitions and so little time, is it almost impossible for us to understand the meaning behind “cloud computing?” I will dive into the differences of SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS in a later article, since there seems to be some confusion distinguishing one from the other. RevealCloud is a good example of SaaS (which is designed primarily for end users). Amazon and Rackspace are probably the biggest players in the IaaS realm. But with various options of where to host, how do you choose? The PC World writer scored them on several factors that included pricing and database options. Amazon beat out the competition with a score of 28 out of 30. Rackspace followed behind with a score of 20. Overall, quality research is needed to understand which cloud provider is the perfect fit for your company’s needs. To learn more about the results, check out our past article. These cloud-hosting providers offer limited metrics when it comes to monitoring your servers on their cloud, which is why RevealCloud might come in handy for drilling down into details you might not see otherwise. Try out RevealCloud today and give us your feedback!

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