Cloud computing keeps businesses competitive

One of the main reasons businesses adopt cloud computing is to keep pace with rival firms. However, not every company has the proper knowledge to leverage the technology to its maximum potential. CloudTweaks' John Omwamba recently offered organizations several ways to ensure their use of the cloud is successful so they remain in front of their competitors. The writer explained that companies must reduce costs as much as possible, which can be done thanks to the cloud's cost-effectiveness. Businesses no longer have to spend for expensive hardware and software. "To be competitive in the current market environment one needs relevant information; the correct data, forecasts and analysis that will help them make strategic decisions," Omwamba explained. "The business may not have the necessary hardware and algorithms to access, tabulate and utilize such data but they can easily and cheaply access them through cloud service providers." Companies should also be cognizant of the changing working environment, according to Omwamba. Employees are no longer restricted to just an office setting and many staff members are more productive working on their own time or in the comfort of their homes. The cloud improves this situation because workers have access to corporate data from anywhere with an internet connection. Not only can the cloud help businesses compete with other companies, but it also is considered a green technology. The writer indicated that the solution can reduce energy requirements for corporate data centers, thus lowering carbon emissions in the process. Regardless of how effective the cloud is, companies need to make sure they have resources in place to manage the hosted environments at all times. This is where cloud monitoring solutions are handy, providing businesses with real-time updates on how their services are performing.

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