Cloud computing providers must evolve, expert says

Cloud computing is changing the IT landscape in a variety of ways, and in order for organizations to leverage the technology successfully, they will have to adapt moving forward. A recent CRN article reported that Rauline Ochs, senior vice president of IPED, spoke at the Intelisys IT Solution Provider Business Transformation Executive Symposium in Sunnyvale, California, regarding how businesses must transform to use the cloud. According to the new source, Ochs asserted that cloud computing services will increase five times faster than the overall IT industry through 2015. In 2014, between 25 and 30 percent of IT spending will be allocated for cloud technology. She added that organizations should be ready to jump at the change to take advantage of this growing market. To successfully achieve this goal, Ochs told those in attendance that vendors have to "transform" by moving away from selling traditional legacy systems to service models, CRN reported. Telecommunications providers are also branching out to take advantage of the cloud. "To make this transformation, you need to change your management persona, reset your service offerings, along with your sales, marketing and pricing," Ochs said at the conference, according to CRN. "The telcos and cable companies have not stopped at broadband. They're innovating in the cloud." Performance always needed in the cloud While cloud vendors will have to adapt moving forward, cloud performance is one constant. Experts agree that such solutions can help organizations receive customizable alerts in real time to ensure cloud scalability is always achieved. Amazon's cloud has vast reach Few companies have backed the cloud as much as Amazon, and a recent DeepFieldNetworks report highlighted just how much the company is impacting the industry. According to the blog post, one-third of all internet users access Amazon's Web Services daily. "This number is all the more impressive when you consider that our data includes millions of users and end devices of limited scope or activities, such as users who only check mail and home game consoles," the DeepFieldNetworks report stated. The news source concluded that Amazon currently has a lead in the thriving cloud computing market, which is projected to reach $200 billion worldwide in the near future. Other companies, like Microsoft and Google, are expected to up the ante and challenge Amazon in the competitive industry.

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