Cloud monitoring, security important to performance

Security is important to ensure cloud performance remains at a high level, and organizations adopting the hosted services need to tackle concerns head on and early in the implementation phase. Decision-makers should determine controls that will create the foundation of the hosted environment's security, requiring IT departments to make minimal adjustments when the cloud is deployed, according to a CloudTweaks report. Cloud monitoring is another important part of the cloud deployment process. If decision-makers fail to oversee the implementation process, security, performance and satisfaction issues will likely arise and deteriorate the effectiveness of the services, CloudTweaks noted. "Today, the cloud is a black box for many customers, so there is a growing need for better methods of monitoring the health of these applications to optimize operations and minimize downtime," cloud computing expert Paddy Srinivasan said in a separate report. Business leaders need to create a risk mitigation plan that allows IT staff members to troubleshoot problems if they arise. These policies should also include training and education programs that can help employees follow best practices and eliminate security concerns in the virtual environments, CloudTweaks reported. RevealCloud is a SaaS-based real-time server monitoring service from CopperEgg Corporation.  Featuring easy installation, customizable alerts, high-resolution drilldown and multi-user support, RevealCloud 3.0 is a comprehensive, real-time monitoring solution for today’s dynamic, hybrid IT environments -- physical or virtual -- that span the cloud, data center, and hosted environments.

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