Cloud computing is considered one of the most disruptive technologies in the IT market – and for good reason. The cloud is useful for businesses of all sizes and especially for companies with limited monetary capabilities looking to operate like an enterprise. Whether an organization adopts cloud technology to improve its agility, collaboration capabilities or to extend its current compute capacity, the technology offers affordable solutions to many IT management issues.

Although cloud computing is viewed as a beneficial solution, that still doesn’t mean it is flawless. As with any technology, cloud deployments must be constantly monitored to ensure they are performing as required. There are a number of ways companies can experience a change in system performance. Cloud server monitoring tools provide visibility into these causes and enable users to make changes to their deployment before customers are impacted.

Several factors affect cloud computing performance

Scalability is one of the cloud’s most important attributes, but unless businesses monitor their provisioned systems closely, they may not be leveraging the cloud as intended. Over-provisioned system resources waste money. Under provisioned systems could lead to poor application performance. And by the nature of the cloud, all customers are sharing the cloud resources, which can lead to other performance bottlenecks.

Ensure success without budget headaches

Because many factors can affect cloud performance, it is essential for companies using the technology to take advantage of cloud server monitoring solutions to provide a view into the many system parameters that effect system health and availability. That’s where RevealCloud’s SaaS-based service comes in handy. Organizations using RevealCloud’s real-time monitoring, customizable alerts and high-resolution drill-down capabilities can monitor their systems to detect problems early…before customers call support or stop using the software completely.

Businesses can monitor their cloud environments to ensure they address any issues that could be detrimental to operations. With RevealCloud, companies view their systems more effectively to determine if any changes must be made immediately to ensure performance remains on track.

And businesses worried about upfront costs or monthly contracts don’t have to worry with RevealCloud, which offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model. The solution is easy to use and can be installed in only seconds with no database license or other setup required.

Companies invest so much money in their IT infrastructure, they simply can’t afford to fail to keep up with proper maintenance. Although the cloud isn’t as expensive as some other technologies, that doesn’t mean adopting it and expecting it to always run smoothly is the right mentality. Cloud computing offers so many benefits and cloud server monitoring is essential to maintain proper balance and performance.

The IT industry may always be changing, but one trend that will never go away is the need to effectively monitor technology. Since cloud computing adoption shows no signs of slowing in the future, the technology’s impact will only grow, meaning those organizations using it with a monitoring solution like RevealCloud will be able to mange their services most cost-effectively while providing the highest level of system availability and performance.

The cloud is widely regarded as a disruptive technology, but that doesn’t mean your business has to deal with potential disruptions that can harm performance. Pairing cloud computing with cloud server monitoring isn’t just effective, but it’s the smart choice.


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