Cloud transforms business operations

Cloud computing is completely altering how businesses operate. According to a report by TechTarget, even small cloud initiatives have the ability to drastically change IT, especially since the hosted services enable organizations to reduce the number of IT staff members on hand given that cloud environments are managed off-site. Cloud scalability is also a significant benefit of the technology, as the cloud allows companies to utilize a nearly limitless supply of resources without paying too much out of pocket, the news source said. Decision-makers can also easily scale services up and down with the cloud, making it an ideal technology to support growth. "We had been having trouble scaling out, but when we deployed the converged infrastructure, we were able to manage it more effectively," Walz Group chief information security officer Bart Falzarano said, according to TechTarget. Cloud computing also helps companies take more risks without worrying about over investing in unsuccessful projects, the news source reported. These benefits are not only attracting enterprises, but small businesses as well. According to a CloudTweaks report by IBM product marketing director Rebecca Buisan, the cloud allows small firms to keep up the "do more with less" mantra, helping them gain a competitive advantage over rival companies.

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