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Simple, Affordable Cloud Monitoring
CopperEgg gives you instant visibility into all of your cloud-hosted servers and applications. Cloud monitoring has never been so easy. Get Started Now!

Lightweight, Elastic Monitoring

  • Monitor deep server details of any hybrid cloud server, plus specific AWS services including Amazon EC2, RDS, Elasticache, DynamoDB and EBS.
  • Only pay for what you use with elastic monitoring that is purpose built
    for your elastic infrastructure.
  • Eliminate architectural sprawl, complexity and blind spots with automatic
    discovery, mapping and monitoring and know at any given moment what
    your entire cloud infrastructure looks like.
  • Ensure the uptime of your elastic business as you test, roll new sites,
    and solve for temporary capacity needs.
  • Monitor performance of many instance types and sizes without
    excessive performance penalties using the high-resolution,
    lightweight CopperEgg agent.

Root Cause Analysis

  • Pinpoint application issues quickly with end-to-end application
    infrastructure monitoring and deep visibility.
  • Get granular data to understand CPU usage breakdown, swap usage
    information, filesystem usage, individual network interface usage, load,
    blocked process count, memory usage, aggregate disk IO for RAID
    devices, and more.

Data Visualization

  • Quickly identify issues or potential issues with easy-to-read green, yellow,
    and red health monitors and server maps.
  • Save time identifying potential issues with CopperEgg's health index number – a weighted calculation considering your most critical performance metrics.

Smart Alerts

  • Create alerting rules once, and automatically apply, as you add more resources to your environment - no more creating alerts for every instance you spin up.
  • Tag resources to receive custom performance threshold alerts by type, location, customer, and more.
  • Configure redundant alert notifications via multiple mechanisms -
    email, SMS, Twitter DM, PagerDuty, Campfire, and HipChat.
  • Leverage 12 out-of-the-box, pre-configured alerts.
Our Happy Customers!
CopperEgg has helped us provide the details needed to monitor and optimize our AWS infrastructure and did this at a price point that is more comfortable for a young startup, like OfferUp, than other tools like New Relic.
—Arean Van Veelen, OfferUp
CopperEgg comprehensive visibility continuously checks AWS server health, Redis database performance, and overall service quality, alerting us before an issue ever becomes a customer-affecting situation.
—Bryant Chou, Vungle
CopperEgg allows us to ensure the quality and availability of our services and see across all of our hosted data centers and Amazon AWS systems in a single view. The custom dashboards and real-time heatmap help us track the health of our entire business at a single glance and have been essential in delivering the highest quality of service to our customers.
—Tim Meade, Millicorp
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