Companies can protect sensitive data in the cloud

Businesses leveraging cloud computing solutions are always on edge regarding overall cloud health and the protection of mission-critical data in the hosted environment. CloudTweaks'  Catherine Balavage recently offered companies ways to ensure their clouds keep important information safe at all times. "It would be wonderful to think we live in a safe, secure world but unfortunately we don't," Balavage wrote. "In the world of computing, this is even more true. Our digital lives are important to us and take years to build, but only a matter of hours to destroy, if that." Before adopting the cloud, businesses should research potential vendors to ensure a chosen cloud provider meets their security needs. Prior to handing over important details, Balavage indicated companies must be confident proper measures are in place. To achieve these goals, organizations may want to go with a cloud service that includes two-prong security options. Once the clouds are in place, the writer encourage companies to have multiple data backups in place, including an off-site option, to protect against potential IT disruptions. Balavage also suggested that companies always keep software updated, don't use the same passwords for every account and have anti-virus software in place. Cloud security expected to improve Although security is considered one of the biggest detriments to the cloud's adoption rates, companies will be happy to know that the technology is expected to improve in this area, according to CIO's Mike Lynch. The writer did note, however, that there will still be "scandals and errors" moving forward similar to security incidents found on-site. While some industry leaders believe the cloud's security will improve in the near future, others have asserted the solution actually helps companies boost their overall security. Marc Gaffan, co-founder and marketing vice president at data protection firm Incapsula, recently explained that small and medium-sized businesses should adopt the cloud for this purpose. Many SMBs may be concerned with website performance, but so many things can go wrong regarding internet security that may place their customer and corporate information in harm's way. "Cloud-based security solutions have recently become more popular among SMB websites, as they provide easy-to-use and affordable protection against all existing and emerging threats, while also providing website acceleration features which reduce page-load time and improve user experience," Gaffan explained.  

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