Cost Effective

On-Demand Pricing

Only pay for what you need

Right-Size Your Cloud

Cut out waste

Rapid Resolution

Pinpoint problems quickly

Simple SaaS Model

No training. No Consultants. No expensive deployments.

Elastic Growth

Automated discovery and tracking algorithms adapt monitoring to your needs

Take the Mystery Out of the Cloud

Transparent Pricing

Know your cost at all times

Learn from the Experts

Talk to our experts anytime

Free Resources

Get free resources to right size your cloud deployment

Easy, Intuitive & Insightful

Holistic Dashboards

View your entire application ecosystem

Flexible Metric Capture

Eliminate infrastructure blind spots

At-A-Glance Production Monitoring

See 100s of statuses on a single screen

Deep Drill Downs

Get from overview to root cause with one-click

Real-Time Alerts

Be the first line of defense

On-the-Go Access

See your data from mobile devices

Simple Install

Automated installation and configuration

Integrate with Tools You Use

Monitor Amazon Instantly

See Amazon EC2 insights right on your dashboard with our CloudWatch integration

Library of Monitors

Leverage dozens of pre-written scripts to quickly monitor named databases, servers, and applications

Flexible API

Leverage CopperEgg’s RESTful API to create custom integrations

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