Monitoring tools help small companies manage risk

Surviving today's unpredictable economy and cutthroat business world can be difficult for small companies, especially those just starting out. Ideas may be great on paper, but decision-makers need to be prepared for the worst if they want to truly succeed, according to a report by Small Business Trends. Small firms, like every other company, need to have disaster recovery plans in place to ensure hiccups do not drastically impact server or website performance. There are a number of problems that organizations should be prepared to face, including inclement weather, server health issues and economic crises, the news source said. Small businesses need to develop IT strategies with the best intentions to be ready when disasters strike. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst Standard operating procedures need to be taught throughout the workplace to ensure processes are as efficient as possible. However, decision-makers should also be ready for problems so they are not caught off-guard when something goes wrong. While it is impossible to predict when an IT system may fail, there are several steps companies can take to prepare for when they do, Small Business Trends noted. By implementing server monitoring tools, for example, IT departments can gain greater visibility into the virtual environment, allowing them to analyze performance levels and possibly resolve problems before they grow out of hand and disrupt the entire network. Meanwhile, there are a number of new technologies emerging within the private sector that have the potential to enhance IT operations or make it less difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to manage risk. These trends include the adoption of mobile devices in the workplace and the increasing use of cloud computing and other file sharing services, according to a report by Symantec. "As the fastest adopters of cloud technologies, such as file sharing, SMBs need to use safe practices, especially when using a solution that might not be built for businesses," said Rowan Trollope, group president of SMB and cloud at Symantec. "As employees increasingly adopt consumer cloud services at work, the risk to SMBs only grows." By implementing cloud and website monitoring solutions, SMB decision-makers can ensure IT systems continue operating at full capacity while simultaneously having the potential to resolve issues before they completely throw a company off course.

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