OfferUp – Customer Love Week

Today’s customer feature is OfferUp, a simple, safe, and smart mobile solution for selling gently used goods. OfferUp OfferUp was inspired by the desire to sell the large amount of items required to get ready and care for a new baby, many of which are quickly outgrown. Two new fathers (co-founders, CEO and CTO) were motivated to build an easy solution to safely sell items to trusted, verified buyers. With OfferUp, selling items is as fast and as easy as taking a picture. To sell an item, users simply snap a picture and post it to OfferUp. Sellers can then take bids and offers directly from other users through the app. In addition to simplicity, OfferUp is armed with safety features to verify user identities. Multiple identity checkpoints ensure that buyers and sellers are reliable, highly rated, and the type of people you feel comfortable meeting with. CopperEgg helps OfferUp monitor their AWS infrastructure. Here is what Arean van Veelen, CTO had to say about the CopperEgg tool:
CopperEgg has helped us provide the details needed to monitor and optimize our AWS infrastructure and did this at a price point that is more comfortable for a young startup, like OfferUp, than other tools like New Relic (which can go much deeper to spot issues in your application code, but we didn't need that). We were simply looking for a way to keep an eye on the infrastructure with better alerting and more details than CloudWatch could provide (like individual processes). With the easy integration, our systems pop up automatically in CopperEgg when added in AWS. I also like the fact that the licensing model includes an hourly instance rate that is compatible with my AWS setup. Other solutions we have looked at only do a 'per host' license, which makes no sense when you have a smart auto scaling infrastructure that scales with traffic. I applaud CopperEgg for using a licensing model that matches a typical cloud infrastructure like ours versus forcing me to change my infrastructure to fit their licensing model. It has helped us better understand our system usage behavior and optimize code as well as plan for better use of AWS resources.
OfferUp is a great use case for combining CopperEgg monitoring with an elastic infrastructure. Next time you’re looking to sell of buy gently used items, check out OfferUp.

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