Product Updates: March 2014

In March, the CopperEgg team made significant changes to our product. CopperEgg doubled the number of servers at each probe station in our network. These instances are geographically distributed around the world using two different hosting providers. Our new servers will ensure that we have the capacity to scale along with our growing customer base and never miss a probing interval. CopperEgg probe stations We also made a change to probe configurations, which now require a minimum of three (3) stations per probe. If you have any existing probes using only one station, we strongly encourage you to modify your configuration to use more than one station. This to ensure that your probe is testing that your site is running, not just network conditions from a single location. If you modify a configuration or create a new probe, you’ll be required to select three stations. CopperEgg does not charge you extra for additional stations. It’s been a couple months of Spring Cleaning for the team at CopperEgg and we’ve made tons of performance enhancements, bug fixes and payments on old technical debt. We’re excited about some big announcements in the coming weeks and look forward to sending out some private beta invitations and sharing the news.

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