Proper planning can help companies with cloud deployments

Cloud computing, for all of its benefits, still poses a challenge for businesses leveraging the hosted environments, especially when it comes to ensuring cloud performance levels are always upheld. ZDNet contributor Gery Menegaz recently suggested that companies can take a more scientific approach to their cloud deployments. The writer explained that firms must identify an issue they want to solve with cloud computing and ensure that this goal is converted into two exclusive options so companies know what IT teams should focus on next. Once options are agreed upon, it is essential to identify potential barriers that may impact the overall approach, because research is needed to address such complexities. Businesses are then encouraged to design tests ahead of selecting a cloud computing product, according to Menegaz. After this step is completed, firms should conduct thorough testing to determine which options need the most time and labor to complete. After the testing phase is accomplished, organizations simply weigh the different options and choose the cloud solution that is right for them, Menegaz concluded. Once cloud computing deployments are in place, industry professionals believe that cloud monitoring solutions are invaluable tools to help businesses ensure their clouds are scaled properly at all times. The systems alert employees in real time of changing demands that may impact overall performance levels. A CloudTweaks report also highlighted the importance of proper planning when it comes to cloud deployments. The news source encouraged businesses to determine if applications can run on virtual servers that are physically shared on multiple platforms. Firms should determine if vendors offer service level agreements that are comparable to public clouds as well.

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