CopperEgg is a Rackspace Cloud Tools partner.  Rackspace offers a variety of services including Rackspace Cloud Servers, their scalable, affordable, and cloud-driven platform of virtualized servers. Customize and spin up new instances in minutes, or take them down, all with root access, easy-to-use management tools and, of course, their Fanatical Support. You only pay for what’s provisioned.

SaaS-based Monitoring

The CopperEgg platform itself is architected and delivered on a Cloud Platform and is purpose-built for monitoring cloud applications and services in development, test and production on any Cloud. The CopperEgg utility-based, elastic monitoring service allows users to closely monitor the health and service levels (SLAs) of their servers and applications even as they dynamically spin up and spin down instances. The CopperEgg pay-per-use model fairly tracks cloud services and only charges for what you use.

Rackspace Cloud Monitoring

CopperEgg RevealCloud monitors critical OS, system, and process statistics – in real-time – across hosted servers in the Rackspace cloud. This includes real-time monitoring support for their published operating systems including popular 64-bit Linux Distributions – Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, CentOS, Fedora, Arch and Red Hat Enterprise Linux – or Windows Images – Windows Server 2008.

For Rackspace, the performance monitoring data collected includes:

• CPU utilization, per CPU and in-aggregate
• Details of the individual components of CPU utilization, including CPU steal and I/O wait
• Memory stats like cache, buffer, active
• Network TX and RX across each NIC and in-aggregate
• Disk volume consumption by volume
• Disk I/O
• Swap Activity
• Processes, CPU, and memory (like top or task manager on steroids)
• And many more

Effective Rackspace Cloud Server Tagging

Tagging your Rackspace cloud servers so you can effectively alert on certain conditions is a cloud monitoring best practice. For example, if you can tag your server on what they do, like app, web, db, api or on their service tier, like prod, staging and dev.  Tags are effective ways to filter your views, restrict read-only accounts or directed alert notifications to different response teams.

Rackspace Cloud Server Process Monitoring

3 ways RevealCloud can help you with Rackspace cloud server Process Monitoring:

1. Easily identify a process that has consumed too much memory or CPU. If a system is running high on CPU or memory, you can detect which processes may need to be stopped or restarted.

2. Discover if an issue arises by 2 or more processes or jobs running simultaneously. This might cause a high load on the system and may extend the run time of the combined jobs as opposed to them running at various times. Example: running an AV scan while trying to do a backup.

3. Gain visibility into multiple CPUs to determine if a process or job may not be written to take advantage of multiple CPUs. If this was not visible, a job may take longer to execute than anticipated. With RevealCloud you can verify that a job is only using one CPU as opposed to multiple. Here is what a multiprocessor system should look like:

Cloud Automation Support

Most of our Rackspace cloud server monitoring customers include our install command as part of their standard system image. In this manner, RevealCloud is already monitoring instances as soon as they are activated.

Many also utilize our Chef recipe available at https://github.com/CopperEgg/revealcloud-chef.

Server Migration

CopperEgg, which can monitor public and private cloud environments, has helped many customers migrate to the Rackspace cloud through a unified, single pane of glass view across multiple server locations. CopperEgg installs easily and seamlessly integrates into existing Opscode Chef recipes and deployment automation scripts while supporting a broad spectrum of Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, and Mac platforms.

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Installing on Rackspace

Installing CopperEgg server monitoring on the current Rackspace Cloud or the upcoming OpenStack based Cloud is a simple process. Simply log into your console, copy and paste the Linux install command and you are done. CopperEgg sorts through which binary to install for a particular distribution. The process takes less than 10 seconds and lets you instantly see your Instance’s health and performance.

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