Real-time Cloud Performance Monitoring in 10 seconds with RevealCloud

We have had a lot of comments and some questions about what some users have been calling the "10-second install". It is true! We have had many users sign up for a new free site and start monitoring their first system seconds later.

How are we able to accomplish this?

When you create your site you will see instructions for monitoring your first system. Blog 10-second install Click the Copy to Clipboard button, ssh to the instance you want to monitor, paste the command from the clipboard and within seconds your RevealCloud dashboard will begin showing real-time cloud performance data. We have recorded a short video showing how easy this is.

How can it be that easy?

There is nothing for the user to figure out. No searching for a download link, no figuring out which version to download, no copying bits from one system to another, no multi-step tutorial. Just copy, paste, done. We detect your operating system and architecture, determine the download link, download the binary, configure it to identify your unique site, create an upstart or init.d script, and start the collector. All this takes mere seconds.

How can I run the collector as a non-privileged user?

The collector will automatically run as a non-privileged user by default.

How can I view the script?

For those of you that want to see for yourself how we do it, you can see the script that we run. Just take the command that you copied to your clipboard and change the "| sudo sh" to "| less". You will see that we are not doing anything complicated, but by combining it all into a neat little script we take a several minute, multiple step effort and condense it down into seconds.

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