Release: CopperEgg™ Now Offers Unified Server Monitoring

CopperEgg Now Offers Unified Server Monitoring Easy-to-use performance monitoring service provides a unified, real-time view into physical and virtual machines, on-premise and in the cloud AUSTIN, Texas, November 15, 2011 – CopperEgg, Corp., a real-time analytics company, today announced the launch of unified server monitoring with RevealCloud Pro™, giving IT and development teams a consistent and unified view of all servers under management, physical and virtual, both in the cloud and in the data center. RevealCloud Pro is a SaaS-based, infrastructure-aware server monitoring solution that helps companies accelerate the delivery of applications and services deployed in the public cloud, across public and private clouds, and in hybrid environments or physical environments (hosted or on-premise). It provides real-time, in-depth insight into all the components participating in application service delivery, which is critical for monitoring changing loads as well as identifying, isolating and addressing performance issues before service quality is impacted. RevealCloud Pro now supports server monitoring for Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and FreeBSD operating systems. Today users expect cloud-based applications and services to perform seamlessly. If an application stops responding – even for a few seconds – users or customers leave, resulting in lost revenue and/or productivity. Server monitoring using RevealCloud Pro provides split-second monitoring of the operating and performance metrics for servers that support critical application services. This enables IT and development teams to accelerate time to market during the development phase, optimize deployments as they learn customer usage patterns, and identify early warning signs of service degradation. “Almost everyone has servers in multiple locations these days and in multiple security contexts,” said Jeffrey Palermo, chief operating officer of Headspring. “With RevealCloud Pro we can quickly and easily set up monitoring for servers in disparate locations and instantly get reporting on health in a single dashboard. This greatly reduces our risk because it alerts us to a problem and even a potential problem with a server the moment it happens so we can address it before it impacts our internal team or a customer.” "As more organizations build and manage business-critical applications within or across clouds, virtual machines and physical servers, it has become critical to have a real-time, scalable, multi-platform solution in place to monitor all aspects of service delivery quality. Application and server monitoring in real-time with high-resolution (seconds, not minutes!) is only one aspect of managing service delivery, but it is foundational," said Scott Johnson, CEO of CopperEgg. "RevealCloud Pro is quickly gaining traction with our customers deploying and managing services from the public cloud as well as physical data centers. With the addition of Windows server monitoring, RevealCloud Pro now offers a unified view of all servers in-cloud and on-premise, which has been frequently requested by our customers deploying hybrid solutions.” CopperEgg’s Server Monitoring – Key Benefits * Monitoring of servers across environments, providing server monitoring on cloud, virtual and physical servers. This allows users to easily compare and benchmark performance. * Installation in seconds with no configuration required. Users just copy and paste a single command into their systems to get immediate server monitoring. * Monitoring of server performance with 10X greater resolution than legacy server monitoring solutions, resulting in: o Detection of short-duration performance-degrading spikes (CPU and memory utilization, network I/O, storage capacity, CPU wait index, and blocked processes), undetectable using Legacy monitoring solutions. o Historical insight – provides drilldown, tracking and analysis capabilities of every aspect of system performance over custom periods up to 30 days to uncover trends and gain valuable insight into the determinants of service quality. o Resource optimization – provides more accurate auditing and accounting of resource utilization related to cloud and service vendor service-level agreements. * Immediate alerts – custom settings allow users to set thresholds for alerts and direct them to individuals or groups as applicable for instant insight into the health of a system. * A tailored viewing of servers has a top systems view so users can see the whole infrastructure in a sortable top level view or can tag and group systems as needed for optimal monitoring. * Enables server monitoring from any browser including PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android or other mobile device. Server monitoring with CopperEgg’s RevealCloud Pro is available here with a $15 instant credit on a pay for consumption basis. About CopperEgg CopperEgg provides real-time insight into the speed and availability of applications and services on any cloud, virtual and physical server. Our SaaS-based server monitoring tool, RevealCloud Pro, is designed to provide split-second insights, require zero-configuration and install in seconds, providing fine-grained visibility, trending insights, decision support and value for organizations of all sizes. CopperEgg is backed by Silverton Partners and based in Austin, Texas. For more information, visit: ###

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