Report: Server performance increases every seven quarters

IDEAS International Limited recently released the findings of its Server Efficiency Trend report, which studied how server health changes over time. According to the study, server efficiency, which is defined as server performance per watt, is doubling every seven quarters. "IDEAS Trends analysis shows that while server performance is improving, so is server efficiency. This means that servers are not gaining performance at the expense of power consumption," IDEAS vice president Gary Burgess said. "Users can increase their throughput without a general increase in energy consumption. Or they can consolidate existing workloads onto more powerful, smaller servers and save energy." These findings further provide evidence of a 2009 study by Stanford University professor Jonathan Koomey, who found server efficiency doubles every 1.5 years. As a result, this trend has been labeled Koomey's Law. As data and content continues to be produced, server performance must maintain efficiency in order to meet demands. According to a recent IDC report, the amount of global digital content will grow by 48 percent in 2012, compared to 2011, generating more than 2.7 zettabytes of information.

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