Collect, Analyze & Alert

We collect, analyze, and alert on any metric whether you send us custom metrics or choose from our out-of-the box scripts.

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Monitor Any Web or App Server

Choose to  monitor web servers like Apache, NGiNX, and IIS or application servers including Redis and .NET, or write your own script for any application metric.

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Report On Anything

Report on success/failure results, queue depths, loads, counts, business metrics, temperature – POST anything to CopperEgg API.

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Display Custom Metrics in Dashboards

Combine any custom application metric with a variety of widget types (lists, timelines, etc.) to create visual dashboards for easy production monitoring.

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Send Performance Metrics Every 5 Seconds

Send performance metrics as often as you like – up to every 5 seconds. You decide the frequency that is right for your business.

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