Server Performance

Companies today aren’t just using one type of server to address their operational needs. With the rise of cloud computing technology, businesses are implementing all types of systems, including virtual, physical, on-premise or cloud offerings. Many organizations are leveraging a combination of these, which can make it difficult to optimize performance effectively if the proper tools are not available.

Server performance can be impacted by a number of factors including available CPU, memory, system load, disk I/O, and network traffic among others. Constantly changing conditions—even if they last just seconds—can significantly impact how a server performs. Without real-time monitoring capabilities, server performance can suffer if the underlying issues are not detected and resolved quickly.

This is why server performance monitoring is so important, especially solutions that include real-time updates. Without this distinction, companies cannot view their servers’ performance with enough granularity to know immediately if the health or availability of their systems has changed.

Server Monitoring Made Easy

Experts agree that organizations seeking effective ways to ensure their required server performance is met should use monitoring solutions with real-time data capabilities. The newer, more advanced server monitoring tools are SaaS-based and install in only seconds without any setup, allowing server health to be viewed instantly.

Another great aspect of the newer monitoring solutions is the cost model. SaaS-based tools make it possible for companies to pay for the services they actually use, rather than deal with monthly or yearly licensing fees. Pay-for-usage models save customers money, particularly in dynamic server environments where they pay only for actual usage of the service by the hour without the need for long-term commitments or contracts.

CopperEgg addresses all of these needs in one solution

If your business is looking for the most effective solution to ensure server performance is reached, CopperEgg’s RevealCloud offers this option in one platform. RevealCloud helps your company gain real-time insight into your applications’ servers stored in the cloud or on physical or virtual servers.

Server performance problems can pop up unexpectedly, but with help from CopperEgg, businesses address these issues immediately to ensure their system is operating effectively at all times with no exception.


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