SMBs need to better understand cloud computing

When cloud computing was first introduced to the private sector several years ago, industry analysts predicted the technology would evolve into one of the most disruptive IT forces to ever hit businesses. While this is slowly coming to be, many small and medium-sized businesses - the idolized target audience for cloud performance pundits - have yet to fully embrace the cloud. Although there are many reasons for this, some concerns weigh heavier than others, according to a report by Channel Pro. One of the biggest issues with leveraging the cloud has been its constantly changing definition. Sometimes the technology was recognized as an efficient disaster recovery solution, while other times it was noted for its exceptional ability to boost collaboration. As a result, SMB decision-makers began to lose trust in service providers, the news source said. A separate report by CloudTweaks echoed this sentiment, noting that many SMBs still do not fully understand the cloud. This knowledge gap is leading to slower adoption rates, despite the cloud's well-known ability to enhance server performance. It is now vital that vendors educate the SMB crowd on what the cloud is and how it can improve overall operations. Neglecting to do so will only slow the market down even more. This year marks a potential turnaround for this trend, as the economic crisis continues to impact businesses around the world while the cybersecurity landscape grows more menacing. By embracing cloud computing, SMBs improve their odds of survival during an attack or other emergency, Channel Pro noted. While avoiding the cloud may not necessarily spell disaster, it may make life more complicated for decision-makers as they struggle to maintain consistent server health levels.

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