Survey: Cloud security needs to be taken more seriously

There is no doubt that that the cloud is being adopted on a global level. How managers choose to leverage and maintain the services, however, vary between companies. According to a recent study by InfoStor and Taneja Group, only 29 percent of businesses apply data protection tools to information and applications hosted in the cloud. This means the vast majority of users are more susceptible to experiencing a data breach or issues with cloud performance. However, the study revealed that approximately 58 percent of decision-makers plan to migrate some security appliances to the cloud within the next two years. The survey also found that there are a lot of concerns surrounding the cloud, which often prevent decision-makers from implementing the technology in their organization. While security has always been a controversial issue with the cloud, the availability, accessibility and reliability of mission-critical applications and data hosted in the cloud are becoming more worrisome for businesses. Application choices in the virtual environments, in particular, are generally driven by cloud performance concerns. While not every solution is suitable for the cloud, those with larger workloads or data transfers may be more inclined to cause bottlenecks and other issues, InfoStor noted. As a result, many organizations may find it more beneficial to deploy hybrid cloud environments. "While the cloud market matures, IT organizations must adopt a hybrid IT strategy that not only builds internal clouds to house critical IT services and compete with public [cloud service providers], but also utilizes the external cloud to house noncritical IT services and data, augment internal capacity and increase IT agility," Gartner managing vice president Chris Howard said. According to Gartner, the hybrid cloud will create a business paradigm shift in how everyday tasks are completed, helping organizations mitigate concerns circulating the cloud and improving efficiency.

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