Overall, CopperEgg is a great solution for monitoring systems in the cloud. There is no management console to constantly re-configure, as server instances are constantly brought up and taken down, the agent code is lightweight and very easy to install, and all metrics are available in real time rather than via a scheduled task such as Munin. Since Sparefoot makes heavy use of Amazon EC2, it’s great to have a monitoring solution that basically requires only an agent install.

Another big plus is the Annotations feature, which allows us to bookmark certain events like code deployments and unusual performance spikes and then review them in a timeline relative to system performance metrics. For trouble-shooting, this is an awesome feature that we’ve used quite a few times.


CopperEgg does an AMAZING job of giving us visibility into how our sites are performing and notifying us if we ever run into availability problems. The Egg is very easy to use and we were up and running with it in no time at all.

Shoretel Sky

This is the tool I’ve been wanting for the last 14 years! All other monitoring I’ve been using was either difficult to setup and troubleshoot or only did one or two things so multiple services were needed. CopperEgg does everything I need in one place!

As far as support… excellent! Far superior to my other monitoring services. They told me about push notifications and how to automatically have systems removed from the dashboard as things scale down. I put the CopperEgg code into the AMIs I use for scaling so monitoring also automatically appears when new instances come on-line.

I’m recommending CopperEgg to everyone that needs reliable, one-stop server monitoring without the headaches.


RevealCloud allowed me to accomplish more in a single evening, than I was able to do with a particular enterprise-class legacy monitoring product in 2 years, with over 2 million dollars spent on Professional services, at a prior project.


CopperEgg the company and their product are unbelievable! We had no monitoring in place (giving me many sleepless nights) and after trying about 12 different products I came across RevealCloud. The ease of implementation and the quick response from customer service are world class. Every new feature they’ve added has been fantastic. We now monitor our whole AWS environment and I can sleep at night.


I like the high level view RevealCloud provides of all instances on one screen so I can see the health of our systems at-a glance. By contrast, members of my team need to know in real-time if any of our instances are either not responsive or have a very high load, memory or processing issue. By receiving alerts as soon as an issue occurs via cell or email means we can address things immediately. We also use the historical tracking to monitor trends and look at activity during the overnight hours.


Copperegg has allowed us to develop a better understanding of memory usage on our servers. In turn, this knowledge has helped us to resolve production issues much faster, and that means we can deliver a better experience to our customers.


We have been having some memory leak, which ended up to be a thread leak. During my investigation of the code and conducting load testing, the ‘System Details’ was a valuable tool to monitor the system in real time including drill down to running processes. Combined with local setup of MX4J I was able to quickly identify the problem, deploy a fix, run load again and monitor the change instantly.

I have worked with other monitoring tools in the past, but the greatest benefit of using CopperEgg was the very short feedback loop both in setting up to monitor the server and in investigating problems and getting constant feedback of the system health.

Not only CopperEgg did the job with simplicity and efficiently, it was also enjoyable to use!


CopperEgg has given us an easy central dashboard showing the status of all of our servers. It is by far the easiest central monitoring solution we’ve tried. Creating external probes to monitor our services and website from offsite locations has been simple to do, and the alerts we’re able to set up are great.

CBT Nuggets

CopperEgg allows us to ensure the quality and availability of our services and see across all of our hosted data centers and Amazon AWS systems in a single view. The custom dashboards and real-time heatmap help us track the health of our entire business at a single glance and have been essential in delivering the highest quality of service to our customers.


Before CopperEgg we tried a number of free alert systems but they either failed to notify us in a timely manner or we were not notified at all. (With CopperEgg), I actually get notified when there is an issue before my customers call me! Now when one of our boxes is showing signs of trouble we are able to jump in and x/restart service or reboot to prevent downtime BEFORE our customers even notice any change!

The Cybernet Place

It’s been a lot easier to see trends over time since we began using CopperEgg. And the best part is we were up and running in less than an hour. With competitor monitoring services, it took at least a day to resolve integration issues.


CopperEgg has helped us provide the details needed to monitor and optimize our AWS infrastructure and did this at a price point that is more comfortable for a young startup, like OfferUp, than other tools like New Relic (which can go much deeper to spot issues in your application code, but we didn’t need that).

We were simply looking for a way to keep an eye on the infrastructure with better alerting and more details than CloudWatch could provide (like individual processes). With the easy integration, our systems pop up automatically in CopperEgg when added in AWS.

It has helped us better understand our system usage behavior and optimize code as well as plan for better use of AWS resources.


CopperEgg has helped transform my day to day business.

As a DevOps engineer it’s great to know the status of my network from anywhere in the world. CopperEgg helped increase my uptime by simplifying my visibility.

Juniper Networks

(Before CopperEgg), I was using PingDom website monitoring, and I have to say that CopperEgg beats it in every way. With CopperEgg you can do so much more! I love the fact that CopperEgg does thousands of test every day (~30,000 times/day for website monitoring) and that it displays tons of real-time updated data from your servers, accessible from anywhere you are! With CopperEgg I made my servers run much smoother (with) the ability to view server processes and alerts on high CPU usage. I am now able to see when my servers get overloaded, (find) what is causing it, (and) fix it so it doesn’t happen again.

Copperegg Client

CopperEgg has been a turnkey way to add real-time monitoring to our critical servers. Installation was dead simple and by the time I switched back to my browser following installation, metrics had already appeared. From that moment on, we’ve been in love with CopperEgg.

Mass Relevance

Ten second install doesn’t do it justice. I set up 100+ machines in less than 10 minutes. Pretty easy with many monitoring solutions until you realize all the graphs just worked. No config, no dashboards, it just worked. Two hours later I had all the alerting ready to go. With that minimal effort RevealCloud has already proven its value every month since we joined both in terms of our customer satisfaction and saving money on excess hardware expenditures. My time as SysAdmin/Devops guy has since been spent solving problems more central to our business. It simply works, like it should and with no fuss.


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