icon_devMoving to the cloud has lots of pros. The cloud offers dynamic environments, where you can spin up quickly, lower entry cost models, and no need to buy or rent servers. But now, developers are building software on a platform where things can change in an instant. There is no real-time insight into the performance and health of the infrastructure. When things go wrong, it is hard to know where the bottlenecks are. Is the application over consuming my available CPU, is my cloud provider throttling my instance, did that last code change significantly increase my disk IO, do I need to upgrade. How do you know unless you have the right visibility into what is and what is not working well?

CopperEgg addresses this issue by providing accurate, real-time performance monitoring of cloud servers and services, so developers know what is happening the moment it occurs. From uncovering issues with speed, to confirming availability of every instance and service, CopperEgg makes application performance management in the cloud easy.


Why Application Developers Use CopperEgg

?  Set up server monitoring in seconds
?  Integrated website monitoring for application services / ports and websites
?  Monitor all components of a distributed, shared-resource application or service throughout its lifecycle, beginning in the initial deployment phase
?  Monitor application performance in real-time and gain insight into the source of a failure the moment it occurs
?  Receive alerts the way you want, email, Twitter DM, HipChat, SMS, Campfire

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