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  • Unified Monitoring
    CopperEgg provides essential monitoring capabilities, giving you everything you need to identify and react to cloud infrastructure issues – from user experience all the way to the database. Understanding the complex nature of today’s IT infrastructures, we include out-of-the-box and fully customizable dashboards, alerts, and management reports to match the needs of your particular environment.

  • Apdex Rating
    The CopperEgg Apdex rating is a composite of performance metrics with a comparison to historical norms and alerts you with red, yellow, and green health indicators. So if your server performance suddenly increases above its typical norm, the Apdex rating will be a good sign that something wrong. The Apdex rating is calculated through an algorithm that weights key health indicators, such as response time, server CPU, disk IO, memory, and more against a baseline trend.

  • Elastic Pricing
    The dirty secret of most SaaS performance monitoring companies is that customers typically over pay for usage because they sign up for larger-than-needed monitoring packages. This is done in anticipation that they may need to spin up some cloud servers on demand and ensure that they have ample performance monitoring readily available. With CopperEgg, you can spin up performance on demand just like you can the cloud servers themselves and pay hourly. We believe your pricing should be elastic, just like your cloud infrastructure.

  • Integrations
    CopperEgg brings all of your data together in one place, pulling data in from tools you already use with out-of-the-box integrations and an Open API. For example, consolidate all things Amazon Web Services (AWS) and alert on ELB performance, RDS Performance, and AWS spend or monitor dozens of server metrics with simple plugins to Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache, MongoDB, and more.

  • Ease of Use
    The guiding light for all of CopperEgg products is ease of use, and CopperEgg is no exception. Literally, within seconds you can sign up and be collecting data. Pre-configured dashboards give you instant time to value.

  • Mobile Monitoring
    Is there an app for that? There sure is. Keep an eye on your cloud infrastructure everywhere you go with the CopperEgg mobile application for iOS and Android. Receive alerts on the go and never miss another happy hour.

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