Custom Dashboards are easy to setup.  The power of Custom Dashboards allows you to see whatever metrics you want, combined in a view that makes sense to you, the user.

To create a new Custom Dasboard.

  • Navigate to the Dashboards tab, and select Add a Dashboard (big green button, in the left nav)
  • Name your Dashboard
  • Add any tags.  This might be important if you are building a dashboard for a read-only user, with a restricted view.
  • Select the “Add a Widget” button, to add your first widget.
  • Type in a name for the Widget in the Label field
  • Select the type of Widget that you want to use.  Note, List of Values will show a max of 6 objects.  Large Timeline widgets will show a max of 32 objects.
  • Choose which metrics you want to display
  • Select with objects you want to show in Match
    • One Source will show only that one source
    • Multiple Sources, allows you to select individual sources
    • Sources by Tag allows you to select all sources by a tag
    • All Sources, will bring in all objects, up to the max supported by the widget for that metric
  • Select Save to add the widget to the dashboard.
  • Repeat adding Widgets as needed and Save the entire Dashboard.

Note, an existing Dashboard can be duplicated and edited, which may save time and effort.