Linux Servers:

To setup a proxy for a linux server, simply append the following to your install curl command:

| RC_PROXY=proxybox:8080 sh  

Windows Servers:

To setup a windows server, append this parameter when running the MSI at the command prompt:

ProxyHost=”hostname” ProxyPort=8080

For example:

RevealCloudSetup.msi /qbr APIKEY=”apikey” TAGS=”sql.web,prod” LABEL=”my server” PROXYHOST=”hostname” PROXYPORT=8080

To set this up after install, simply edit this xml file

     c:\Program Files\CopperEgg\RevealCloud\revealWindows.exe.config

     or c:\Program Files (x86)\CopperEgg\RevealCloud\revealWindows.exe.config on a 64 bit system

Then edit with the appropriate host and port near the bottom of the xml doc

<add key=”proxyHost” value=””/>
<add key=”proxyPort” value=”0″/>

Be sure to set to the port as appropriate for your environment