There is no pre-requisite as such that you ought to have. Like people say that you should be from a technical background or that you should know all OOPs relate concepts or Java basics etc. Many people often confuse them to be pre-essentials, yet as a general rule, they are simply suggestions or ideal abilities to have before beginning with Salesforce development.

Here is given why people frequently misunderstood these rumors with pre-requisites? 

  • Programming or advancement in Salesforce is done on Apex language whose sentence structure is fundamentally the same as that of Java.
  • In order to make Visualforce pages, we have to utilize HTML tags. 

Therefore, it is quite obvious that individuals originating from a programming foundation will discover the change to be a smooth one, while a non-technical person to this innovation will have a supercilious expectation to learn and adapt. Those are the main realities.

Since we are on the subject, all you need to know is about the various features of Salesforce, its basic terminologies, navigation. and you have to essentially be aware of the, Heroku, Lightning, and Fuel platforms. 

There are two ways of creating apps on Salesforce:

If you are comfortable with the declarative approach then it is just a matter of some more time and experience that you will come around the programmatic approach too. comes with numerous inbuilt applications including Sales, Marketing, Call focus etc. These are useful to enhance and adequately collaborate/deal with clients for any business. 

The best part is that Salesforce comes in with a lot of point-and-click features that makes everything very easy to do. You can work around the following components just by a few clicks. Objects, Workflows, data approvals, process flows etc. All of these do not require even an iota of coding knowledge.


Salesforce is the dream career for a lot of people and there is a reason for that. That reason is- it is easy to learn and adapt to. With no coding skills required, you can spin apps in minutes. All you need to know is the right places to click it.