Deployment Date – 10/08/2018

CE-2608 – WebApp (Bacon) code optimization

  • Summary – Allow parallel processing of WeApp Daemon Code.
  • Fix – Fix the daemon for handling WebApp (Bacon) code to allow multiple worker processes to operate in parallel

CE-3404 – Filter on Issue Trends is not working as expected.

  • Summary – In Issue Trends page (under Alerts) if filtering is done using Tags as well Date range only Date Range is being honored and Tag filter restrictions are ignored.
  • Fix – Fix UI bug in the JS Code

CE-3415 – Live filter options are not being displayed for Web App details.

  • Summary – In WebApp details page, the live filter option is not found. This is found in Server details page.
  • Fix – Add a live filter option in Web App details similar to the one found in Server details

CE-3416 – Alerter is creating useless objects for processing

  • Summary – If an alert is created by the user, the alerter creates an internal object in the Alert Fetch Batch Queue for processing. Objects in the AFB queue are processed by the Examiner regularly to check if an alert should be triggered or not. is that for custom metric monitoring, AFB queue is populated with unnecessary objects for redundant custom metrics as well. This slows down Examiner processing and impacts CopperEgg performance.
  • Fix – Ensure that the AFB queue is not populated with unnecessary objects and improve examiner performance

CE-3414 – Write script to cancel non-CopperEgg users in Chargify

  • Summary – There is a discrepancy between CopperEgg Admin and Chargify. There are many accounts (> 400) which are marked as cancelled in Admin but are still active in Chargify. For the purposes of maintaining consistency, we need to ensure that the CopperEgg accounts cancelled in Admin are also marked as cancelled in Chargify
  • Fix – Write a script to perform the Chargify cleanup as required. Accounts in Chargify will be marked as cancelled. No account will be deleted, so there will not be any data loss.

CE-3432 – Historic timeline view for Process details does not work in Chrome 68

  • Summary – We need to upgrade our UI Listener process
  • Fix – Fix on_click listener for process_list page for chrome/upgrade d3 library

CE-3441 – Number of issues in Issue Trends Page and Issue List page do not match

  • Summary – Select a specific date. Apply that date as a filter in Issues Page and Issue List Page. The number of issues displayed do not match
  • Fix – We need to use a consistent time zone for date filter