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Track the usage of your current enterprise or cloud-based systems and get optimal AWS EC2 instance recommendations.

  • Real Server Benchmarking

    Receive a detailed report based on actual system usage and corresponding AWS instance types. Ensure the best fit by measuring performance against the actual application and user load over a 24-hour period.

  • Easy Migration

    Optimize cloud migrations by right-sizing your infrastructure for EC2 instances before migrating to the cloud. Avoid overprovisioned or underprovisioned cloud resources.

  • Find the Right Instance Type

    Analyze your systems' memory, CPU, disk IOPS, network I/O, & storage to ensure the best match from over 200 possible AWS combinations.

  • Save Money

    Ensure you aren't overpaying for cloud services. The AWS Sizing Tool Report recommends instances by name, and the associated storage, with a per month On-Demand and Reserved Instances summary, all based on your actual system usage.

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Sample AWS Sizing Tool Report
Use the AWS Sizing Tool to analyze system usage. Right-size systems with optimal instance sizes.
Example Report
Save time and resources by putting your AWS usage data to work.
CopperEgg AWS Report Screenshot
Find the right EC2 instance sizes in 3 steps:
1. Create a CopperEgg account.
2. Install server monitoring on your systems and run for at least 24 hours.
In the meantime, set up alerts to be notified of any performance issues. Check back in to see real-time data.
3. View the Sizing Report for EC2 instance recommendations based on your system usage.
This report includes data pulled directly from your systems' usage. It also includes pricing information for both reserved and on demand instances.
Once you have run CopperEgg for 24 hours, use this link to run your custom report:

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