Welcome to the CopperEgg Product Change Log. We typically do product updates every two weeks to fix bugs, add new features, etc. so please bookmark this and check back periodically for updates.


    • – Export of current issues as a CSV file
    We allowed users the ability to export all their current issues as a CSV file


    • – Rebranding of copperegg into CopperEgg
    We completed the Rebranding of copperegg into CopperEgg. This required changing the URL through which the API is accessed, changing the name, logo and other product assets, reconfiguring emailers and so on.


    • – Petabytes Scaling Support for Charts
    Our Disk and I/O charts will now scale and display values upto Petabytes (earlier the maximum scale was TeraBytes)


    • – Improve AWS Instructions
    The set of AWS Instructions were improved


    • – Add MB/GB options for byte based alerts
    We have added alerting parameters to be specified in MB and GB. Earlier only KB values were accepted, forcing the user to enter 1MB as 1024 KB and 1 GB as 1000000KB


    • – Collector Change to reject Docker information
    We released a new collector for Linux (v3.3-118-g5f871c6) that ignores all Docker related information


    • – Add pagination to API used for fetching alerts
    We added pagination support (fetch group size 500) for the API that we expose by which customers can fetch alerts from our system (v2/alerts/issues/index). Corresponding changes in the UI were also made.


    • – Issue with creating alerts involving process lists
    An issue involving the creation of alerts with process lists had been reported by two customers. This was a UI bug in the JS code that was fixed.