There are two ways to accomplish this, the first is temporary, and the second is permanent. 

Temporarily stopping a collector 

  • Stopping the collector on Linux

 Log into the server and run “ls /etc/init/revealcloud.conf”.

If it says “/etc/init/revealcloud.conf”, run the following command:

sudo stop revealcloud

If it says “ls: cannot access /etc/init/revealcloud.conf: No such file or directory”, run this command:

sudo /etc/init.d/revealcloud stop

  •  Stopping the collector on MacOSX

 Log into the system as root, or a user with sudo privileges. Then run this command: 

sudo  /Library/LaunchDaemons/launchctl stop com.copperegg.revealcloud

  • Stopping the collector on FreeBSD

 Log into the system as root. Edit /etc/rc.conf and remove the “revealcloud_enable=YES” line. Then run this command:

/usr/local/etc/rc.d/revealcloud stop

  • Stopping the collector on Windows

Open the “Control Panel”, select “Admnistrative Tools”, select “Services”, select “RevealCloud Collector for Windows”, and click “Stop”.

Permanently stopping a collector


To permanently stop the collector, to remove the binary and scripts using the uninstall instructions here:

Then Remove the server from the Details page of a server.