1. Setup your probe as usual.

2. In the section Response, select “Contains”

3. Then in the dialogue box, enter the exact text string that you want to match, that you know will be on that page, and would not be on an error page.

4. Save the probe

Note 1.  Content checks will not work on re-directs, you must enter the ultimate destination URL

Note 2.  Content checks will only work on clear text, not JavaScript.  Also, keep it simple, just one or two words that you know will be on the working page.

Alert Hint:  If you are setting up an alert for a failed content check, the best practice is to set an alert for Health = 0 on average for x mins.  If the content check fails, then health will be degraded to 0.   Remember to set you alert condition duration for at least 3x the Probe test frequency.